Of course I’m nervous! Especially if you purchase coins at a price above the current one, especially if not for free money, especially if watching the Ripple only at the end of 2017. Well, nothing, until sold — nothing is lost. The course will change, so let it go. Now you’ll understand why: this is an overview of the current situation with Ripple from Vladimir — the owner of this website and telegram channel @rippleweb.

The period December-January was spoiled by all investors in the crypt: the steepest growth rate, then a slow correction. The large amplitude of the TOP 10 currencies showed a Ripple, and here you are happy that the moon is not so far away. Look at the chart below, well, not a miracle? The whole 2017 full flat, then fold rise. Yes, then the correction — but that’s okay. And then no response to a number of positive news. But overall, the rate has fixed above the level of growth estimated in 3 times. It is not bad.

Beautiful! But look at the date and course: you just looked at the schedule 2016/2017. But the real numbers between 2017 and 2018. Frame noted on it the time that you looked above:

These two images will be enough to everyone who keeps now significant for the amounts of Ripple to calm down and understand:

1) In 2017, the rate of lay nailed to the floor for 6 consecutive months. But at this time the company has regularly connected the new banks, by December 2017 Ripple came with an already impressive list of partners. A screenshot of Wikipedia in early December:

… and among them giants such as UniCredit and Santander, while the course is like a cardiogram of a dead man… All this time the news came out every week: they just are not actively translated into Russian language, and you have not read them in English, maybe you didn’t know about Ripple in July 2017, for example.

2) the dependence of the rate XRP on the news about the collaboration hasn’t changed. She is practically zero, as the XRP still has little to do with the technology of Ripple, so the course does not react to every single news about a new partner. But now you read them daily, the Internet is full of them after the hype in January, and you think that every Bank should add +5% to the cost. It is normal that the price of XRP does not grow from each individual information message is normal for Ripple.

3) now, do not follow the news? To follow by far. If not for news, community cryptocurrency investors would not know what Ripple does not believe in him, and XRP would never have risen in the TOP 10 by market capitalization. And the attentive investors do not pay for coins and would purchase a bunch of XRP to 0.006%-0,02$. Look at a couple of screenshots CoinMarketCap beginning of the 2014, 2015 years:



No, don’t look at the cost, do not worry. Tell me, how many coins of these tops you know and they now represent at least some value? But XRP was already alive, and always in the top, due to the fact that the community believes in him, the fact that the coin is a huge company: it can be understood only from a news background, produced by the company.

4) Then how does it work? News working on a Ripple cumulatively: each individual supports a course at an acceptable level, but at some point the combination of good communications activates buyers in most areas, the demand begins to grow — up. So it was in may, September and December 2017. Every time an increase of more than 200%.

I would love to subscribers of our channel is well understood, in contrast to the mass of the hamsters that appeared after December 2017. That’s why we dedicate so much of their time conducting channel and site: each news article has a value, a series of 2-5 posts can be the starting point of the next activity of buyers, as it was 3 times in 2017. All because XRP continues to be associated with Ripple, 2016, nothing has changed and will never change. In the end, the Ripple creates one of the best teams of bankers, XRP — creation of their own hands.

As one wise man: “View of the future is always calm,” and XRP is the coin with a long history, which is the future you will provide, will always be in the top, will always grow with the market, and sometimes ahead of its growth.

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