Still not Coinbase introduces Ripple on its platform. Another obstacle to this was the scandal surrounding the status of XRP – token or securities. However, all this can change, because Coinbase recently granted a new license. Besides, sooner or later will fail the trial, in which Ripple XRP, according to analysts, is likely to cease to be associated with unregistered securities.

Coinbase is one of the largest exchanges in the world, and thus, when she begins to quote a new currency, the currency sees a surge in prices. Many argue that even if the XRP will be registered on Coinbase, Ripple rate is not expected to grow rapidly, but there are completely opposite opinions. Still listing Coinbase is only four currencies, the fifth will be added Ethereum Classic. And this news proves that the listing XRP can only be useful for Ripple.

Note, the announcement of listing Ethereum Classic (given the fact that it is still the announcement, the listing has not yet begun) caused the growth of value and market capitalization Ethereum Classic, which grew from $ 12,84 to $ 16,06 (i.e. 25%) for a few minutes.

It is also worth considering that at the time of writing, Ethereum Classic is on the 18th place in terms of market capitalization, which is much more modest compared to the Ripple, which occupies 3-e a place. It turns out that, having, essentially, a big market cap, Ripple has more opportunities for growth. In this regard, there is a version that Ripple XRP will see a profit above 25% since the announcement of its listing on Coinbase, and moreover, as soon as the listing is launched, Ripple XRP will see a huge surge in value. Overall, this will be very useful for Ripple XRP, not only from the cost point of view, but also from the perspective of trading volume.

We will add, at the time of writing the price per coin XRP is $ 0,51, over the past day rate of Ripple shows a decline of 10%. The total market capitalization of bitcoin has fallen below $ 20.5 billion.

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