The assurance crypto-media Ripple, which filed several lawsuits with regards to what is used in some products Ripple XRP is a token investment, insists that the trials were combined to reduce the number of lawsuits threatening the company.

On Wednesday, the Supreme court of California has officially stated that the last filed David Oconner is “complex litigation,” that is, he is now likely to be combined with other such statements.

Vozmozhno, it is connected with another case in California, when the claim of the investor Vlad Saquinavir also recognized integrated.

According to the California rules of court, one of the features of complex things is that it should apply the “requirements to securities or investment losses involving many parties.” When it meets the criteria for integrated, the court must consider several cases, United case.

However, due to this fact Oconner now being considered by judge Mary Weiner, which had previously been dismissed from the case Zakirova, after a complaint from the Ripple. It is unclear whether the company again to request a change of judge.

In early August, the Ripple was asked to join the claims and Zakirova Oconner, arguing that the allegations in both cases relate to “one subject or several parts of the same object.”

Another similar lawsuit filed in may Ryan Coffey, was withdrawn from the court with the consent of the investor last week. This case should have been considered by the district court for the Northern district of California, the than insisted Ripple, despite the fact that Coffey requested that the case remained in the lower court. Voluntary abandonment of the claim occurred after the request was rejected by the court.

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