A lawsuit filed by Ripple Labs Inc. to conduct a trial against R3 in California, was rejected. However, the case will now be considered in the court of Manhattan, where the headquarters of R3.

The essence of the legal battle that has raged for almost the whole last year, is that Ripple is contesting the conditions set forth in the agreement, which concluded the company with a financial services provider, HoldCo R3. The agreement was supported by the Executive Director of Ripple at the time, Chris Larsen and it is allowed to by R3, 5 billion in the currency XRP at 0,0085$ per share at any time until September 2019, regardless of prevailing market conditions.

The lawsuit, which has put two former partners in the harsh court battles, was started when brad Garlinghouse tried to enter into a option contract in June 2017 email David Rutter, the Director-General R3. R3 sued on Ripple for breach of contract in state court in Delaware, but the case was later rejected them.

Ripple, in turn, filed a lawsuit in the court of San Francisco, which aims to termination of the option contract. Ripple accused the R3 in the failure of a number of conditions set forth in the contract. Ripple also accused the R3 in an attempt to take advantage of the partnership to steal the achievements of the company, and then use them to develop a competing product. The company also said in the lawsuit that she had the right to terminate the contract, since R3 has not helped the company to register any Bank for its platform and concealed information about availability of several large banks from the consortium, such as JP Morgan, Morgan Stanely and Goldman Sachs.

– Most likely, in the company R3 miscalculated their resources and abilities in order to meet the agreements with the Ripple. For example, despite the fact that R3 was represented by Ripple access to its large consortium of leading banks, R3 knew that several key banks, which could contribute to the success of Ripple, will come from the consortium stated in one of the paragraphs retaliatory action Ripple.

In Ripple, in response to the transfer of the case to new York, said that it would be impossible to conduct a fair hearing in Manhattan, where R3 may have an unfair advantage.

The news adversely affected the exchange rate of XRP, which at the time of writing is 0,78$.

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