Recently in San Francisco launched the platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency DCEX. Notable DCEX that as the base currency the exchange uses the XRP. DCEX has opened registration for its customers back in July and currently offers a trading pair with Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Gold, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, EOS, IOTA, Monero, Tron , DASH, zcash for, OmiseGO, VeChain, and TrueUSD.

DCEX – service based on blockchain technology, and at the moment he has 15 digital currencies with XRP as the base pairs. It offers access to all ten coins listed in the Index of the cryptographic analysis of Bloomberg Galaxy. DCEX founded the Alpha Point, the production company of financial technologies, which provides institutions of corporate decision class based on the blockchain for the digitization of assets and start the markets. DCEX allows for high speed transmission between the exchanges using the XRP, with transactions in less than 4 seconds. Advanced participants will be able to implement cryptographic high frequency trading.

DCEX currently registered in the network protection from financial crimes. The decision was taken to first steps to register, complete regulation and compliance Commission at the securities and exchange Commission and other regulatory bodies.

The adoption of XRP as base currency by the exchanges, of course, is very important news for XRP. This will provide greater liquidity and volume to the XRP market.

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