The big banks want to crush bitcoin and Ripple. At least that is the impression created after the presentations of highly qualified bankers, who question the very value of bitcoin.

Last year, for example, the head of J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. Jamie Dimon called the digital currency “fraud” and comparing this boom of cryptocurrencies with “Tulip fever” of the XVII century, when the price of tulips at first increased sharply and also sharply declined.

This is a good reason. Each cryptocurrency is in competition with the banks, especially Ripple. So says the President and chief operating officer of Global Blockchain, Sedan Guran. He also called Ripple’s main enemy major banks.

The main reason is that Ripple is much more competing with the banks. Because the company operates more as a network for transazioni than currency, it is much more likely that they will become a target for banks. And because bitcoin operates as a currency, it does not pose the same threat. I would even say that the banks almost encourage the use of bitcoin, offering bitcoin futures and allowing for the exchange and they said Guran.

However, the General Director CrowdfundX Darren Marble believes otherwise, saying that the cornerstones for the banks in this matter are the technology of the blockchain, which is now being tested by several banks, and a General distrust of banks to the new currency. He therefore proposed not to hurry with conclusions banks about the technology, because it is only beginning to manifest itself.

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