Senior Vice President, product at Ripple Ashish Birla, today published a tweet in which he said the mention of Ripple and use cases of blockchain in their new book, Kevin Wartena “the Blockchain and the new architecture of trust.” In a tweet Birla also added that Worthen became a member of the team initiatives Blockchain University Research Initiative [UBRI], in which he will explore the options of using blockchain technology.

In a recent blog post Ripple Warden, who is also the author and Professor of legal studies and business ethics at the Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania, said that the really important questions to ask when studying the use cases of the blockchain. “Whether the problem is so significant that it needs to be solved” and “Why traditional technology does not help in solving problems as well as the blockchain, if not better?”.

Subsequently Warden explained that the most likely use cases are those associated with the price or have the gap between the interdependent objects. He also said that although the first problem may be related to the use of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, the latter may be associated with enterprise solutions. He also called services the Ripple is beneficial in both cases.

Initiative from Ripple was quite successful. For example, about a week ago the University of Texas at Austin received a grant from the URBI to strengthen the study of applications of the blockchain.

The XRP exchange rate at the time of this writing is about 0,316 dollars per token, while market capitalization amounting to 12.95 billion dollars. Dynamics of the per day is +3,99%.

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