The Japanese company SBI Holdings VCTRADE runs its own exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. The main asset on the new platform will be the Ripple XRP. VCTRADE start trading with customers, was in October last year. Users will be able to trade in a pair XRP/JPY without transaction fees.

It is known that since July, the company plans to expand its services to accept new clients and to include in the list of supported currencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Cash (BCH).

According to the statement SBI Holdings, work on the project VCTRADE began in September 2017. In October, the Bank allowed customers interested in cryptoforge, register on the new platform, there was a total of more than 20 thousand applications. To ensure the safety of a new project SBI Holdings signed a contract with Secom Trust Systems are now partners will work together to make purses for the exchange platform VCTRADE.

Note, in the beginning of March, SBI Holdings has sealed the purchase of 40% stake CoolBitX, the Taiwanese company that owns the purse CoolWallet Bitcoin (BTC). Around the same time, the Bank reversed its cooperation with the Chinese startup Huobi, which, as was declared in the beginning, was to support the SBI in the launch of its own virtual currency. On the other hand, Ripple (XRP) SBI is open from January 2016 to meet the growing demand for the services of the stock market in Asia. This laid the Foundation for a new company SBI Ripple Asia, which operates in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Now, with the launch of its own platform for cryptocurrency exchange, SBI Holdings has maintained its leading position in the Asian market scriptaction.

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