Ripple tools such as xVia, xRapid and xCurrent, has caused a lot of events and partnerships with various companies worldwide, including banks, companies translators. And all thanks to the ease of remittances. But this time the Ripple will be able to transfer not only money, but also data. Protocol Interledger was positioned with the ability to stream data and money.

According to reliable information, the function of “STREAM”, which was recently launched Ripple, allows the transfer of data flows on Interledger.

Interledger think register because it stores information about the transaction. When cross-border transactions are completed through products Ripple, Interledger is the basis for the transfer of funds. Since the main function is to store Interledger money transfers and transaction information to and from senders the ability to send data is now implemented.

STREAM or STREAM Interledger Transport Protocol, according to the Ripple, is a communications Protocol that controls data transmission on ILP data and money.

Was recently launched project Coil that uses Interledger and XRP to activate the transaction. Stefan Thomas, CTO of Ripple, said that the idea was launched to support digital content management.

– Coli will use Interledger to make the Internet a more enjoyable market for applications and content, where the contribution of each will be rewarded – said Thomas.

And now, according to Evan Schwartz, co-author Interledger and engineer in Ripple, with Interledger will be possible to transfer data such as music and video, adding that the data did not even need to download, and simply let them flow.

– Yes! Sending data in ILP seems pretty crazy, but the possibility of the flow of money and digital content over the same link make some fun apps. I would not recommend to send a ton of data right now, because the software is not optimized for such purposes, but it’s worth experimenting – Schwartz wrote on Twitter.

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