The XRP exchange rate increased by 7% last week. Although technically token was at its minimum some time, mostly XRP and the Ripple team has done everything possible to make each catalyst could contribute to the growth of XRP. In a recent report published by the community of XRP, it is presumed that the Ripple team has achieved during this time.

Wide coverage and introduction of XRP. XRP has found its application in the financial and payment industry, because the token represents the perfect bridge between traditional centralized Finance and decentralized organizations a new generation of financial technologies. The Ripple company could provide products that fit into the traditional financial system, providing them the advantages of the technology of the blockchain, such as speed and efficiency. These products include a variety of popular web applications, including social networking applications, applications for payments and recent product Stephen Thomas Coil. xRapid from Ripple do believe the next generation of cross-border transfers of money between banks, specialized services, large corporations and individuals.

This is a very high level of acceptance. Global reach and popularity made XRP one of the favorite coins for investors and exchanges. With the exception of Coinbase, almost all global exchanges XRP included in the list of supported currencies. In addition, the liquidity of XRP has increased by 300% for the year — so it is now 105 exchanges sell XRP, compared with 29 a year earlier.

Ripple xCurrent takes advantage of the blockchain for small and medium enterprises. Ripple recently released a video which shows how to use xCurrent would correct the problems facing the sector of small and medium businesses for over 30 years. The video describes how currently businesses are increasing expenditures on the payment of suppliers. It also discusses such problems of small business as the inability to link the account payable, as well as from the unknown costs and time of arrival of payment. Then the video shows how participation in the network RippleNet solves these problems by using xCurrent.

Product xCurrent allows Ripple to cover all areas of the payment industry from large organizations and banks to small and medium enterprises, can simplify their internal operations and reduce their costs of processing payments.

The rate of expansion and adoption of XRP is much higher than any other digital asset, and Ripple is the only company, which now brings real business applications that solve some of the most entrenched business problems over the past few decades.

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