During the last session of Ask Me Anything (AMA) CEO brad Ripple Arlinghaus and chief market strategist at Ripple Cory Johnson discussed the platform Ripple XRP currency and the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency systems. However, the most exciting part was the part dealing with wall street and institutional investors, and the part about how the third quarter of 2018 could change the game for XRP.

Cory Johnson asked brad Garlinghouse, what is his opinion on institutional investors and the interest of wall street crypto. To this question General Director of the Ripple revealed some information about what Ripple about the third quarter.

One of the things I’m going to tease our viewers, for the third quarter … as we believe that this XRP will become popular with institutional investors, said brad Garlinghouse.

However, whether XRP to skyrocket during the third quarter of 2018 through the institutional investors?

That said brad Garlinghouse, it means that either the institutional investors are already interested in XRP and the purchase of an asset, or that they will start to buy XRP in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

However, many wonder why the XRP price has not skyrocketed with so many innovations and institutional investors who purchase the digital asset Ripple. This may be due to the fact that these investors do not use the regular platform of exchange of cryptocurrency, instead, they buy OTC XRP.

We will add, at the time of writing the exchange rate XRP $ 0,33 per token, during the day dynamics was +2.26 percent.

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