The South Korean authorities and the Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. stopped cryptocurrency phishing fraud in the amount of $ 800,000, which affected several dozen investors XRP.

Office on cybercrime in Seoul arrested two people suspected of involvement in a large cryptographic fraud. According to local sources, these suspects were the engineer and his employer.

Engineer is an experienced 42-year-old computer programmer who according to the investigation, was hired to create a fake website that sells XRP. South Korean news Agency also reported that the man who organized the fraud, gave himself for the employee of the real exchange site and trade XRP.

Against fraud affecting more than 60 investors. The scammer with a fake account, sent an email message to investors that their funds in their accounts were frozen. In the email was a link to a fake website where unsuspecting users left their personal data and passwords.

As explained by local sources, 37 Japanese and 24 Korean investor has suffered from fraud by entering your login details on a fake website. Then, the custom user information used for access and stealing funds from cryptocurrency accounts of the victim on a real site of trading digital currencies.

Although phishing scams focused exclusively on the South Korean and Japanese citizens, the FBI likely was involved in the investigation because the company itself was Ripple in the United States.

According to local news reports, authorities were able to track down the scammer, because he quickly transferred the stolen XRP amounts in Korean won. He then spent the money on booking of a room in a residential house and various luxury items.

It should be noted that the fraudster was also a victim of fraud. Law enforcement bodies of Korea said that the suspect had previously been a victim of a phishing fraud, in which he lost a major investment in 2014. When he failed to recover their stolen money, the suspect was inspired to self-organization phishing scams.

It is noteworthy that the currently widespread criminal fraud that led to losses in billions of dollars. Some market analysts also attributed the fall in the prices of cryptocurrencies in connection with the increase in the number of related fraud.

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