To say that the market is growing, it may say nothing. Second day in a row altcoins led by a resurgent XRP, find his footing, returning the original price and even ahead of it. Moreover, the top ten was back in the green zone and top growth is XRP, whose maximum increase of 71% when added to yesterday’s growth of 20%, helped to create the increase to the value of 91%.

In General, this also affected the market capitalization of Ripple, as from 12 September to date XRP to it was added a whopping $ 7 billion, which means the resumption of confidence in the token. Confidence in this better demonstrated brad Garlinghouse his tweet in support of investors who could suffer from the influence of other investors advised to sell the token after 90 percent decline.

Apparently, the rate of XRP started to grow shortly after statements of the head of the partner relations in the middle East and the Asia-Pacific region Sagara of Serbia that Ripple is going to release xRapid in the near future. The decision, which is still in the testing phase, will be able to understand the game on the market with XRP, since all cross-border payments will be carried out with XRP as a liquidity provider.

Moreover, thus the Ripple again showed how their solution will help small and medium-sized enterprises in countries with developing economies. It may be wrong, but it seems that Ripple changes the direction and selects the main market for xRapid African, European, Asian and Latin American economies who need a fast, cheap and reliable payment solutions.

This not only shows how big the demand for XRP, but also means that the Ripple will take root in the world of money transfers and to recapture market share from the market leader SWIFT.

At the moment growth dynamics XRP sleep and at the time of writing is 64.49%. The course itself is XRP 0,606$ per token.

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