Experts on cryptocurrencies increasingly agree that before the end of the year current year rate Ripple (XRP) reaches the value 5 to $ 16. The reasons for this are the plans for the new contracts, the company Ripple with financial and trade institutions, including the possible inclusion of Ripple in the list of Coinbase.

Interestingly, many experts agree that XRP will add at least 540%. The bold forecast was made by Samson Williams, CSO the Irish Fintech firm SeedUps, which suggests that XRP will go up to $ 16 by December.

Technologist Joseph Raczynski believes that a positive decision Coinbase could push the value of XRP to $5:

In my opinion, this can happen if Coinbase really adopt XRP. I guess it could happen in the next few months, and if they do, it will increase the entire stock market. If not, I think the price remains in the range of from 0.80 to US $ 1.50.

Note, news about new partnerships Ripple appear almost weekly, which can be useful for the company and the price of tokens. The most significant event over the past two weeks was testing xRapid that uses XRP, one of the world’s largest platform companies — Western Union.

At the time of writing the price of Ripple, according to CoinMarketCap, is $0,9. Yet, contrary to forecasts of experts, the course is not showing growth, despite the regular positive news. Ripple continues to slightly fluctuate along with the entire cryptocurrency market.

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