While talk of cooperation Ripple and Amazon, a leader in the sale of goods via the Internet, sounds too good to be true: the real intentions of official no. However, analysts believe that this move would solve many problems for companies, so am inclined to believe that such a partnership is possible in the near future. What are the advantages of their interaction?

Ripple can help Amazon, when it comes to fleet management. Know that Amazon owns a very large number of vehicles used for the carriage of products. The company’s fleet consumes a lot of fuel, and it is a huge expense. With Ripple Amazon can accelerate the payment for fuel, leasing and other needs. The drivers can also be paid directly by the Ripple coins XRP: this ensures that the payment will be fast, instead of having to go through a couple of days.

Another, the most obvious argument is the Amazon work with clients from all over the world who need to their payments were fast and safe way. It is here that Ripple may come into play, introducing their designs so that users can conduct transactions very quickly, with no additional effort on invoices, e-mail and tracking all payments. Finally, the partnership may, would allow users to pay with coins XRP when purchasing the product.

In the end, the partnership between the two companies will help accelerate many of the processes that is taking Amazon on a daily basis. In addition, it can provide a fast and secure method of payments that the users will undoubtedly seek. In turn, for Ripple, obviously, cooperation with such a giant like Amazon, will allow to strengthen its position, strengthen the reputation and extend the use of own developments. In the long term it may have a positive impact on the rate of Ripple (XRP). Add it at the time of writing is $ 1,05.

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