Despite the fact that Ripple is the third most popular cryptocurrency in the world rankings virtual currencies, a decrease in the exchange rate. At the time of this writing, the XRP exchange rate is 0.68 of the us dollar. Concern about falling prices began after the company announced that it hired a new chief strategist market Corey Johnson, who said that the main cause of instability in the market of cryptocurrencies is that there are now too many players.
Ripple is worth $ 26 billion, but due to the volatile nature of the virtual currency was a huge amount of UPS and downs of the course.
Despite the price reduction, expert Roman Gylfi Gibbs believes that 2019 will be the year of expanding the influence of the Ripple.
– For 2018 have Ripple has the potential to move up, but I think it will be more likely in 2019. Because the market appears more and more projects coded in other algorithms such as XRO, ETH, they are not likely to occupy a leading position. It will take some time for the markets to digest this variety, so according to my predictions, in 2019 will be a good year for Ripple. said Gylfi-Gibbs.

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