Mobile wallet Edge recently announced support for Ripple (XRP) and Monero (XMR). Edge Wallet is the first mobile wallet provider, which will maintain these two cryptocurrencies. This innovation is available in the latest version, v1.2.0. Also the new version also supports the ability of buying and selling in-app with debit and credit cards.

“We carefully watched our community in the past few months and noted a strong demand for these assets on the platform Edge. This is a different part of the audience, but they face the same problem: how to store and use currency? Edge is proud to announce that it now offers them a suitable option,” — said General Director of the Edge, Paul Puey.

The company also noted that, although both coins can now be stored in the wallet Edge, their use varies greatly. Ripple is more efficient monetary tool that is more suitable for those users who tend to use tokens as a legitimate means of payment. Meanwhile RingCT from Monero allows users to benefit from greater anonymity when making transactions. Given these characteristics, the coins tend to attract different communities. Thus, the platform attracts a large enough part of the audience.

“Despite the fact that there are services that allow you to price impact and invest in these currencies, there is no option other than Edge, which will allow users to store, send, receive these currencies and trade them from a secure wallet that they manage, along with a dozen other scriptaction directly from a mobile phone”, — concluded PUA.

Additionally, the rate of Ripple for the past day again showed a decline of slightly less than 3%. Note, however, that behaves so now not only is this scriptactive, but the entire market. Price per coin XRP at the time of writing is $ 0,47.

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