KNOMAD has recently announced that the head of the Department of innovations in Ripple Dileep RAO will speak at the upcoming important event. It will be held at the world Bank. It is reported that there is a representative from Ripple will talk about the benefits RipleNet.

KNOMAD is an open, comprehensive, interdisciplinary Association of people who study the issues of migration globally. At the forthcoming event will focus on technology a distributed Ledger for innovation in the field of payments infrastructure. It will take place on November 29, 2018.

In an official statement, said that the Tao have to tell about the DLT, which will be able to solve basic problems, such as cost, speed and transparency.

Join us at the seminar to discuss how the distributed Ledger technology may change how we make cross-border transfers so quickly. Learn how technology can solve the problem of cost, speed and transparency of the money transfer is stated in the event announcement KNOMAD.

RAO also commented on the recent news about his participation on his official Twitter page, confirming your participation.

On the official page of the event its full name sounds like “Technology a distributed Ledger of innovation in the payments infrastructure”. It also stated that it will be held in the Main building of the world Bank in Washington.

Among other speakers there such as the Harish N.: lead financial sector specialist in the fields of competitiveness and innovation. In addition, the Chairman is the head of KNOMAD, a leading economist in the fields of migration and remittances at the world Bank Dilip Ratha.

The XRP exchange rate at the time of this writing is about 0.37 USD per token, while the market capitalization is of 15.07 billion.

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