Reddit comments are from users who report that the crypto currency exchange Coinbase takes their account more funds than necessary. Some accounts even remained empty, loss of clients reached tens of thousands of dollars. That situation raises another question about the real security in the world of digital currencies. While the cryptocurrency market, according to the latest data, this problem had little impact, which is surprising, considering the fall of prices on the background of cryptocurrency stolen in recent hacker attacks.
Coinbase has published an official response, which confirmed the problem. Write-offs occurred for the wrong Visa. However, users no refund will be automatic. For starters, they will have to contact your Bank, and then to Coinbase.
For reference we will add that in 2017, the Coinbase profit amounted to $ 1 billion, despite initial expectations to $ 600 million. The exchange also announced the launch of a new payment system Coinbase Commerce. The platform intends to add to the list of supported crypto currency and other digital coins, first of all, Ripple (XRP).

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