Company alpha point launches new decentralized exchange DCEX. On the website registration is already open, in spite of the fact that customers are still unable to use the service. The service is notable primarily for the fact that uses XRP as base currency, meaning that many of the proposed trading pairs will include this cryptocurrency.

In a statement DCEX announced the offer 15 trading pairs including the XRP, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Vechain, and zcash for USD. Over the next months the company will add Neo and ADA. DCEX also offers all 10 tokens from Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, which in addition to the listed currencies have Monero, EOS and Dash.

The statement also pointed out that the service created on the basis of the Ledger alpha point.

DCEX uses XRP as base currency because of the high speed and low transaction costs. In particular, the Ledger XRP is designed to perform transaction in just a few seconds that provides the advantage for traders.

Interestingly, the news comes shortly after alpha point has announced that it has successfully received 15 million dollars in venture funding. The funds were raised primarily through commercial Bank Galaxy Digital, launched by billionaire investor Mike Novogratz.

We will add that at the time of writing, the exchange rate of XRP were 0.42 dollars per token, showing the dynamics -4,40 per day.

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