Ripple continues to focus on expanding their services and new markets. Having many customers in America and Europe, the Asian region appears to be the underserved market of the company.

Asia is a problematic market for many companies, especially those who provide these services, what provides Ripple and still do not have full regulation by organov. For example, in China appeared anticapitalista policy, despite the fact that this country is one of the largest markets for bitcoin.

The Crypto Crimson said that after a series of negotiations, the Ripple could very well establish itself in China, as thanks to a partnership with LianLian Group and American Express company will allow you to process payments from credit cards to proprietary network — in contrast to traditional systems that use a public network.

This Friday at the summit CryptoCompare & MJAC London Blockchain head of the Department for the regulation of relations Ripple in Europe Dan Moran was not talking about the interests of the company in Asia, but rather that the Asian market needs to technological solutions provided by the company.

– While it is in its infancy, but we see a huge demand in Asian markets, as remittances and corridors flawed, because the area is too expensive. Hence we concluded that there is a demand, – said Morgan.

Morgan suggested that Ripple can play an important role in providing solutions for liquidity, which can optimize the performance of markets. Because many Asian companies have used solutions like xRapid or even used XRP for transaction processing.

He also noted that Asian countries should have greater clarity regarding the legislation that regulates not only the cryptocurrency markets, but products based on the technology of the blockchain. He also mentioned that Thailand is one of the key countries for the expansion of Ripple in the Asian market.

– Again, there are sets of points for development in Asia. Like Of Thailand. But it is obvious that Japan is a completely different place. So, Yes, the Asian region is complex. I would not like to highlight specific markets. However, Thailand and Siam Commercial Bank are actively affect our opportunities in Asia, said Morgan.

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