Custody Balance today launched a new security solution for crypto-currency assets of institutional investors. The list of supported a total of eight cryptocurrencies, which include XRP.

Balance Custody stated that during the whole of this year has developed a private version with a small group of clients in order to create a reliable and transparent financial solution that provides security guarantees paramilitary class.

– While we collected ideas and developed concepts, we quickly discovered that the API and interfaces used by the majority of blockchain systems, limited in functionality. We knew we can do better, and thanks to the development of research and development in the field, we did it, – said General Director of Balance, the George Bordianu.

In addition to XRP in the list of supported currencies there are also Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Stellar Lumens. Digital assets have been selected on the basis of technological advantages, strength, community and success on the market.

It is reported that the company offers some of the lowest fees for the storage of currency in the industry.

The company is based in Canada and works closely with regulatory bodies to ensure full compliance with the laws of the country about the digital currency.

The company Ripple, which owns 60% of the total XRP, said that she also has a breakthrough with direct sales XRP institutional investors. According to CEO brad Garlinghouse, following the company’s report on market reports significant increase in interest from wealthy investors.

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