Service Cuallet designed to facilitate remittances, will start to send remittances through technology xRapid.
All transactions are processed with the help of technology xRapid developed by Ripple. Service, offering the best course, gets sent to sum, converts it to XRP and send to destination. After that XRP is converted as necessary for recipient’s currency and the funds are transferred to it.
Cuallix specializiruetsya on solving the major problems of current financial sector, so the decision to integrate Ripple for the company is really important, primarily because of faster transactions with save prices. Obviously, their goals are the same as those that want to reach Ripple.
In the long term Cuallix Mercadotecnia intends to accelerate cross-border transfers at an even lower price. In addition, customers will feel that their digital assets are safe in the knowledge that their transactions are little affected by exchange rate fluctuations. For a company trying to position its service as the “wallet of the future”, it can have a positive impact on Cuallix Mercadotecnia.

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