On Friday, December 21, the popular decentralized cryptocurrency exchange CryptoBridge included in the list of supported currencies second market capitalization, the token XRP. The press release also mentions that XRP will trade two pairs on a platform of DEX — XRP / BTC and XRP / ETH.

The exchange also said that there are many traders alithinou, who often face performance problems, manipulations, thefts, hacker attacks, trouble with governments and other challenges associated with centralized exchanges. Because of this, more and more traders are turning to decentralized solutions.

From DEX has its legary, based on the technology of the blockchain and a network of federated gateways with multiple signatures. Because users access their account via their personal keys, a decentralized exchange doesn’t have access to their funds. Thus, the exchange will not affect the ability of their customers to access their money and will be able to use them, even if the exchange goes bankrupt.

CryptoBridge uses the blockchain created by the project Graphene. This is a powerful technology that can handle about 100,000 transactions per second. In addition, the time of their confirmation is only 3 seconds.

Due to the fact that more and more people refuse from centralized exchanges and enable platforms like DEX, CryptoBridge decided to add support for XRP that his clients had the opportunities that they now provide centralized services. After the announcement the price of XRP started to grow. At first growth was slow, but he soon increased, and the value of the coins is now 30% higher than a week ago.

At the time of writing the price of XRP was $ 0,41, with the positive dynamics of 12.87% over the past day. The market capitalization of the coins also increased, and currently it is almost $ 17 billion. So XRP is still the second largest token by market capitalization.

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