A leading provider of crypto-currency credits in the world Cred, which totals in the amount of $ 300 million in loans, announced today that it will allow to use the token Ripple XRP.

After the company will complete the implementation process, all clients will Ripple be able to create long-term contributions to the XRP. Now the owners of XRP in all countries in which it operates, Cred, will be able to use tokens with minimal interest rates, yet they use this new feature, which is now on early access on the website of the company.

Founder Arrington XRP Capital Michael Arrington, who also is a well-known investor, Ripple, believes that Cred successfully changes the current understanding of the loans and that, adding XRP as a new product the company puts on the market a very important asset class.

He also said that he was always impressed by how responsibly Cred meets his needs as a consumer, and the fact that he can always trust the company, which is a bridge between him and them desired, because the company acts as an cryptologist and how a new ecosystem of cryptocurrency world.

Cred co-founder Dan Shutt confirmed that the staff of the company is very pleased to offer to the holders of XRP the same low interest rates and liquidity that they offer to other investors, such as bitcoin and Ethereum that have already been integrated. They also plan to upgrade this support to the system of the company was provided with a larger number of tokens.

Add that Cred himself describes as a decentralized global credit platform which provides easy access to credit in any place and at any time. Also worth noting is that, the world’s largest credit card company, using the technology of the blockchain. It was founded by a former PayPal employee, and his mission is to use the blockchain as a way to help all people who need credit.

One of the reasons why the company is so big and important, is that it cumulatively issued loans of 300 million USD, making it more than three times more than the rest of the industry of cryptocurrency loans, which demonstrates the full potential of the company.

Currently services Cred is already available in more than 180 countries, including the USA and most of Europe.

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