22 February, the cryptocurrency market once again turned scarlet: sellers flooded the world’s key sites, greatly exceeding the number of buyers.

Ripple is no exception: during the day, the rate dropped to 0.91$. The largest contribution to the depreciation have made the Korean exchange traders BitHump, failing to reach a trade volume of$360 million. paired to Korean won, which accounted for 35% of global trading volume. It is noteworthy that the decline in rate continues to happen in light of the emergence of a number of positive news about joining Ripple: commercial Brazilian Itaú Unibanco, the leading private Bank of India IndusInd and vendor remittances in Singapore InstaReM. It is expected that a new support may be the mark of 0,8$ per XRP.

A tendency to rate all XRP responds less to the news background continues to persist.

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