Chief marketing strategist at Ripple Labs, Cory Johnson, recently shared his thoughts on future innovations that he expects in the area of the blockchain, but also about the attitude, regulators, and other related topics.

Johnson spoke about this during a recent interview at the annual summit of the Milken Institute. After the end of the panel is devoted to the blockchain, he discussed his future together with the head of public relations at Accenture Lara Wozniak.

In discussing the future innovations in the field of blockchain, asked what the industry could transform the most with the introduction of the technology of the blockchain. He noted that, when the same question was asked during the panel, all said that it financial services. Therefore, he also believes that this is the financial services industry.

– I really think Finance is the most controversial part in the world economy. And given the fact that decisions based on the blockchain so obvious, they really can change the way money transfers, said Johnson.

However, he added that people are prepared to change, already asked why cross-border payments take up to 3 days or more, when we are on the level of development of the technology, where text messages can be sent in seconds.

When talking about regulatory bodies, Johnson asked if they are willing to accept change, to which he replied that the authorities are still trying to understand how crypto-currencies vulnerable to speculation. However, he added that his recent meeting with the regulators was a surprise to him, because everyone was really interested to learn more.

– When we meet with regulators, I personally was very surprised how much they know about the subject, and how they want to learn more. They still treat it with fear and doubt, but they really want to listen and understand, – said Johnson.

In addition, he continued the discussion on entrepreneurs around the world, developing solutions based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. As an example, he cited entrepreneurs who use XRP from Ripple. He also noted that, despite the hostility of regulators to the blockchain and digital assets, entrepreneurs continue to use their solutions.

– The world is more global than ever before. And entrepreneurs to go where they can develop their own technology. But today you do not have to be in Silicon valley to develop and create technology, despite the fact that I still think this is the best place for this. Today you have much more possibilities for this, said Johnson.

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