More recently, Corey Johnson was the founder editor of the magazine, Slam, Vibe and The Street, and kept the show on Bloomberg TV, but this month he joined Ripple as the first in the company’s history the head of the strategy Department.

Cory Johnson says he has long followed the cryptocurrency and bachana from afar, but his opinion changed in November, when most of key digital assets are very increased in price.

– I’m totally biased now, but I believe that the inherent value in these coins or these assets. Perhaps someone else will find it… But I saw a Ripple in something other than what I see in some of the other companies and the ICO companies. I believe that Ripple will be able to demonstrate the intrinsic value of XRP, than can not boast of some of these stronger coins and assets. It is a corporate company producing software that attempts to solve the issues associated with payments for banks and ultimately for companies. But she also has a very significant asset: about 61 billion XRP. We are trying to use this asset to create enterprise software, where we will charge a fee for enterprise software, like any other enterprise software, whether it’s Salesforce or Oracle or SAP said Johnson.

Johnson also commented on the recent news that Facebook and Google banned anonymous ad of cryptocurrencies and ICO. Despite the fact that he now works in Ripple, he says his reaction to the news was positive, as, in his opinion, the cryptocurrency market, you need regulation, including that.

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