The UAE authorities issued the first in the middle East a state license to trade in digital currencies. It was received by the company Regal RA DMCC (subsidiary of Regal Assets Inc.) registered in Dubai. Now her clients can not only invest in precious metals, but also to conduct operations with four cryptocurrencies, including Ripple.

Said Tyler Gallagher, CEO of Regal Assets, traders around the world understand the potential of cryptocurrency, but are afraid to keep large amounts in online wallets and exchanges, because there is a high risk of account hacking, identity theft, viral programs, and other threats to investment. Therefore, the company has created an offline service for safe long-term storage of digital coins in the headquarters of Regal Assets in the Diamond tower (Dubai). “Electronic safe”, according to the creators, must protect crypto accounts from viruses and hacking.

In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum will be able to conduct operations with Ripple and Litecoin.

Now the company Regal RA is working on creating an online platform for kriptologii. It is also reported that the company plans to obtain additional licenses in other countries and to enter foreign markets.

Additionally, the inclusion of Ripple in the lists of new kryptomere and new partnerships, the company should have a positive impact on the course of bitcoin. Today, the price of Ripple is around increased to $1.06, slightly decreasing and elevating of the last day.

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