Service financial services in the Philippines called Coins.the ph, which reported 5 million users, added limited support for XRP on their platform.

In an interview with the head of the Department of the cryptocurrency Colin Goltra, said that the use of XRP can a limited number of randomly selected participants. To date, testing is closed for new participants. He also confirmed that there is no certain date for the launch of XRP wallets for all the users

– We continue to collect data and decide whether we will implement full support for token XRP – said Goltra in an interview with the Philippine media. – service financial services founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Ron and Jose and Runar the Pétursson. As the service running on the technology of the blockchain, uses the digital currency as a low-cost intermediary for banking, extending the range of financial institutions beyond its existing branch infrastructure.

We will add, at the time of writing the price per coin XRP ranges from $ 0.33 in decline for the past day amounted to more than 2.83 per cent. In the red zone is now a large part of the top of cryptonatica.

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