Right now XRP is at the peak of its popularity. And with the news that a major canadian exchange and is considering making it the base currency, its popularity will grow even more. This means that XRP will receive a trading pair with more than 30 cryptocurrency supported exchanges. Canadian service CoinField yesterday posted a tweet about testing XRP as base currency.

Over the last few days there is a lot of good news for Ripple. Among them, the growth rate of XRP by 63%, the news that Wikipedia, thanks to the Coli, will be able to accept XRP as donations and now the news that XRP could become the base currency for CoinField. According to their statements, the initiative can take effect, after running the new platform in 69 countries.

If the XRP will be a key for CoinField, it will benefit both parties. The XRP will be placed on the market for over 69 countries, having the opportunity for its mass adoption. But on the other hand, CoinField will speed up transaction processing, reduce transaction fees and attract new users to the platform.

Given the current popularity of XRP, now is the perfect time to select XRP as base currency. The recent surge can attract large partners that will be able to increase the trade volume to the exchange. In addition, splash has attracted many potential investors interested in bitcoin, which is likely to pay attention to the currency with a similar splash.

It should be noted that CoinField already had experience with XRP. Before testing in February the service added the first of the pair XRP.

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