Appeared promising for XRP-investor news. It seems that Coinbase can add support for token Ripple on its platform.

In a recently published press release, the company said that it currently explores a range of assets, including the token Aeternity, Stellar, EOS much anticipated XRP.

And although this news may sound promising for investors XRP, the company also made it clear that this Supplement may not occur.

– Adding new assets requires substantial research from a technical point of view and from the point of view of compliance, and we cannot guarantee that all assets that are listed here will eventually be listed for trading, is stated in the company blog.

It is also unclear whether or not all the new assets mentioned in the ad, the support of local wallets, if you believe the representative Coinbase, some of them may be available only for purchase and sale.

In any case, the new currency will be added, depending on compliance with the laws, providing its customers with effective solutions.

Previously, Coinbase announced that it is considering five new assets, three of which now added to its platform. These include BAT, ZEC (access to which is not in the UK or new York) and ZRX, and the other two — 0x and Stellar – according to the statements of the company are still in the study.

The company also recently teamed up with Ripple to invest in based in the San Francisco startup Securitize, which aims to help companies to turn in the tokens of its securities and assets.

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