Coinbase announced the launch of a new payment system Coinbase Commerce. The project will enable businesses and individuals to receive payments directly in their digital portfolios. Information about the estimated timing of transfer and Commission costs yet.

The company believes the new service is a useful tool to promote digital currencies and more available in everyday life. Now Coinbase supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. According to media reports, in the near future, the platform intends to add to this list other digital coins, first of all, Ripple (XRP).

The company representatives claim that Coinbase Commerce is not a hosting service, so traders have full control over their digital currency. The project works as a plugin downloaded from the official site within a few minutes. To do this, enter the phone number and email address. Payments are managed and monitored through the control panel simple and intuitive graphics. According to developers, the tool can be integrated directly in the stream of payments the seller or added as a payment option on the e-Commerce platform.

Also Coinbase Commerce integrated into Shopify. This canadian platform dedicated to multi-channel e-shopping. The owners of the stores that sell their products online on Shopify, you can receive payment in bitcoin and then spend it on buying material objects. Such use brings cryptogenic to fiat currencies, the approaching virtual currencies to a traditional economy is a big benefit for the whole of kryptonyte.

We will add, according to analysts ‘ estimates, Ripple became the most productive at the beginning of 2018. Course Ripple today, according CionMarketCap is 1.12 $.

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