Recently Chris Larsen, co-founder Ripple Labs Inc., made a speech in CFCon USA 2018, during which he discussed a list of aspects and future developments of the blockchain and the Ripple of the company. In addition, Larsen also spoke about globalization and interoperability.

Sharing their ideas about globalization, Larsen said that the world has no future if it is not more global or will not communicate on an international basis

The money was one of the key factors of globalization. However, in the current scenario, globalization is not possible with the existing banking infrastructure – said Larsen

Larsen also expressed his faith in new technology bocana that can help achieve globalization.

– This technology can be a catalyst through which we can achieve globalization. In a broader sense, this idea of a Internet of values, not just the block chain and digital resources – said Larsen.

In addition, he also stressed the importance of open source, decentralization and security as basic requirements for any blockchain. Here he mentioned the Ripple.

– We focus on Ledger and XRP XRP as a digital asset if to speak about the component of the blockchain Internet of values. XRP, of course, among other major currencies has the lowest transaction costs. It is the fastest, and it has the highest bandwidth of the main block chain – said Larsen.

He also spoke about his important xRapid product that works on RippleNet. According to Larsen, the new product allows the Ripple payment system providers to have a lower cost of liquidity for global payments.

Is a Protocol that has been developed for many years. It’s completely open and decentralized Protocol as possible. There is a group called “world wide web Consortium”, which helps us to make this Protocol standard. It involves nearly 300 organizations. Therefore, we believe that it will be a successful Protocol compatibility, which is a key component of the Internet values, concluded Larsen.

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