Ripple co-founder and investor Chris Larsen recently spoke with Forbes about the industry blockchain technology, globalization, and the Internet of money. Larsen also shared his understanding of interoperability, giving their own predictions about future developments in this area.

Talking about Ripple and globalization, Larsen said that the technology of the blockchain will become so-called “fundamental problem” with which they seek from the outset to solve their products.

– You may not really be a workable globalization, if you don’t have interoperability in three things: data, products and money. Now that we have it only in data and products. Without money, globalization is just not working, explained co-founder.

He believes that blockchain, representing the completion of the online values, and makes globalization work, as needed.

– I think that with the development of technology of the blockchain, we have a much better chance of a healthy globalization, said Larsen.

Commenting on the cryptocurrency, he said that the digital currency, which no government could be invented very soon. As Larsen went on to talk about the Internet of money, he said that the world is moving to commoditization the Internet.

Suddenly, every entrepreneur, Bank and currency in the world will be an almost unlimited market. Now it’s not, but that’s exactly what happened with the data when the Internet, and now it’s happening with the money, – explained the co-founder of Ripple.

In the end, Larsen expressed his high hopes for the development of the industry, which are in direct contact with the continuing globalization on the market.

– I think it really will eliminate many of the problems that hinder globalization, he concluded.

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