Chris Larsen is a partner of Ripple and at the same time is a co-founder of the company. And despite all this, he retains a sober look.

At the conference in California, Larsen said that some of the cryptocurrencies work illegally because of the transactions that occur with their help, but they, along with the Ripple trying to solve this problem.

– These people commit illegal cross-border payments within 4 years. We began to study their actions and understand why they do it and that’s why we created this company. In addition, we know that we are stronger than them. Thanks to our blockchain solutions and strong partnerships, we can beat them. Our company is very strong. We have a lot of money on our accounts and we have customers. We’re not experimenting, we now produce – said Larsen.

Larsen also believes that this problem has arisen due to the Ripple current enemies.

– What’s really important today is the fact that you need to use valuable digital assets. It is impossible to produce with their help speculation. Because of this, we can say that today the whole market is very speculative. But if you look at it from a long-term perspective, it will help to combine a strong market-makers. But it is also important to note that they are at the beginning of the business. It’s like a race. And it will be a long race, said Larsen.

According to Larsen, this situation is very harmful and according to him the attackers are trying to prevent their success. Their goal is to make the company worse and to reduce its cost.

– It comes from the community of bitcoin and Ethereum community. Between the platforms there is always war. Everyone is trying to be best, that’s human nature. But they are going the wrong way. They are trying to impress people with false news. But they will not succeed if they will do so, said Larsen.

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