The Chinese technology company Tencent is ready to invest in technology Ripple. Tencent plans to acquire a stake of 10-15%, thus gaining exclusivity on the Asian market.

The user Tencent and the Board of Directors has approved the deal on Monday in Hong Kong, according to sources present at the meeting. Tencent is ready to offer $ 2 billion, the amount will be converted to XRP in the coming year. Half the indicated amount the company may invest in the beginning of July. Tencent intends to integrate technology Ripple in Itchat and start competing with Alibaba and Amazon in the sphere of mobile payments. It is known that Tencent will use xVia.

We note, Tencent is a Chinese tech giant that has a stake in Snapchat, Tesla, Spotify, and which owns the popular app for messages Wechat. According to the rating of Moody’s Tencent Holdings Ltd has a score of m-h.

We will add, at the time of writing the exchange rate Ripple (XRP) ranges from values of 0.65 $.

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