The Ministry of industry and information technology of China released official rating of the cryptocurrency today, may 17. The experts identified for Ethereum the first place for Bitcoin – 13th place out of 28. Ripple remained in 17th position.

The first five places of a rating of scriptaction Chinese government were distributed as follows: Ethereum, Steem, Lisk, NEO and Komodo. The total list included 28 cryptoprocta. The Ministry of industry and information technology of Beijing plans to expand the series to include the new projects.

Experts from China flattering evaluated Ethereum that resonates with his first place in the rating Agency Weiss Ratings, published in January of this year. According to experts foreign publications, these results indicate that Ethereum is a typical representative of the blockchain technology of the second generation. The situation regarding the rating of Bitcoin many have compared with the noise after Weiss Ratings has assigned rating of this cryptocurrency as a C+. Many commentators have noted that it is difficult to understand the logic of China.

Note, the rate of Ripple, like the stock market in General, got into the green zone, price per coin XRP at the time of writing ranges from $ 0,69, capitalization of crypto-currencies is $ 27,123 billion.

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