15 Feb starts canadian exchange CoinField. It will be the first in Canada platform offering Ripple (XRP) two pair: XRP / CAD and XRP / BTC. It is known that she had previously been signed by more than 7000 users.

Due to the high level of interest from investors and traders CoinField will take a multi-step registration process during the first few weeks after launch. 100 registered users will allow to open accounts on launch day, 500 users, one week later, on 22 February, and another 500 for every day after February 28.

The platform will be publicly opened for registration in March, once all pre-registered users will start to use it without any glitches.

It is very important to be able to read the market and create a platform that is not only safe, but also responds to current trends cryptobia, – said the technical Director Reza CoinField of Bases. – That’s why we will add new coins in CoinField every few weeks, and we have already started doing this with Ripple. Since the beginning of last year, coin has achieved incredible growth of 17.5% in U.S. dollars.

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