I think it would be insensitive to blame Satoshi Nakamoto for summing us to the new financial era without any warning. The technology of the blockchain was designed as a decentralized platform that does not require third-party participants. In the end, the platform has become home to cryptocurrencies for a decade. And these currencies are still trying to find their place under the sun.

XRP is one of those currencies, and literally runs to get his confession. As these currencies technically cannot be used as payment for the products and none of them is securities, the only option for their stability is the exchange between the exchanges. And, despite the presence of more than 500 of such services, Coinbase has made a name for himself and is still known for its strict regulations with regards to the choice of cryptocurrency.

Because the services for the exchange are the only way to maintain cryptocurrency afloat until their acceptance as a global currency, the market now there are many exchanges, often local like Coins.ph. Coinbase was one of them. The platform was developed and launched by Fred Ersama and Brian Armstrong in 2012, and it is supported in more than 30 countries. The service supports currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash Classic and includes corresponding trade pairs with fiat currencies. And over the past six months, many media was awash with reports that Coinbase is firmly opposed to the integration of XRP.

The irony is that the currency, which is among the five digital currencies in the world, can not boast of the support of Coinbase. Despite the fact that the latter is not the only viable exchange, his reputation and impressive features may be the reason many are not included in the list of Coinbase currency die.

In the last months of 2017 there was talk about that Ripple will be added to Coinbase. While cryptocurrency is often glimpsed in the media and has been quite successful, but today the inclusion of the XRP to the list of supported currencies Coinbase seems impossible, especially in light of the decline in market rates of currencies, which only gradually returns exchange their positions in 2017.

Between the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, speculation about the integration of XRP in Coinbase helped to raise the first course, but today it has no effect. However, if the recent statements with regards to Coinbase that service prepares the integration of XRP on the platform, turns out to be true, then it may be useful for Ripple with XRP, and Coinbase.

It should also be recalled that Coinbase has added XRP to their platform Coinbase Custody solely for storage without putting it as an asset to the service for exchange. It is worth clarifying that Coinbase is a exchange and a service to store cryptocurrency. XRP can be stored in Coinbase along with 36 other tokens.

At the same time, the most affected by problems of XRP and Coinbase are investors. There are many potential investors who have wallets with digital assets and who also want to provide them with a safe place for storage. Probably this was one of the reasons because of which Coinbase Custody has decided to offer storage XRP. Despite the fact that XRP is still not listed, investors believe that the provision of storage for it is first step to future integration.

But why XRP was at first rejected? Some say that XRP has, perhaps, caused this after the company Ripple offered money Coinbase and Gemini, to include the XRP to the list of supported currencies. But then Coinbase gave preference Ethereum Classic. At Coinbase there are clear rules for inclusion of tokens in a list, and due to the fact that these rules are not in the public domain, the inclusion of Ethereum Classic instead of XRP causes of community concerns.

Nevertheless, the decision on the inclusion of Coinbase to Coinbase XRP Custody allows investors to believe that it is a step towards a future inclusion of a currency exchange platform Coinbase after passing criteria GDAX Digital Asset Framework.

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