The controversial nature of XRP, which is still the second market capitalization of the currency market, was one of the hot topics this year. Ripple has always denied the accusations, explaining why XRP is not an investment token.

At the last session of Ask Me Anything, which was conducted by CEO of Ripple brad Garlinghouse together with the head of marketing of the company Monica long, Garlinghouse explained why XRP is not an investment token. In the course of the conversation also dealt with various topics related to the regulation of the market, the company, the cryptocurrency market, as well as the success of Ripple products, in particular xRapid.

Questions about the status of XRP still Dating, and Arlinghaus again denies it. In his opinion, XRP is clearly not an investment token. He recalled that XRP exists independently from the Ripple, which is currently focused on creating products such as xCurrent and xRapid.

In other words, the company provides products for solving some contemporary problems, such as creating a simple and inexpensive cross-border payments, which can be achieved by using XRP. Garlinghouse claims that XRP independent enough to survive and continue trading, even in the absence of support from Ripple.

However, this uncertainty with regards to XRP holds the token in limbo.

Some time ago there were rumors that the Commission on securities and stock USA may classify XRP as an investment token, causing even more confusion. Despite the fact that Garlinghouse claims that XRP Ledger does not depend on the Ripple itself, the company still holds the largest amount of XRP. And this is largely the reason for the charges XRP excessive centralization.

Because of this and similar problems is a confusion in the regulation in relation to XRP. It’s so confusing, which led to the fact that some of the largest and most popular exchanges in the United States, like Gemini and Coinbase, do not want to include the XRP to the list of supported currencies. As a result, the price of the token remains low, as does its liquidity.

In addition to the existing regulatory uncertainties, the opponents of the token pointed to a number of other issues that may affect the status of XRP as a decentralized digital currency. One of them is the fact that Ripple is very interested in promoting XRP to work with banks and financial institutions. It is, in their opinion, is contrary to what I had in mind Satoshi Nakamoto when he created bitcoin.

Despite all the efforts Garlinghouse intended to clarify confusion, and to refute the accusations that XRP is an investment token, the only one who can really confirm it is the Commission on securities and stock of the United States. A formal decision from the Commission will put an end to the issue and may place into question the opinion of investors about XRP. However, while the Commission has not expressed his decision, therefore, the status XRP remains uncertain.

At the moment, XRP is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and hold this position for more than a month. Course XRP, at the time of writing, is 0.36 $ per token, with a negative trend in -1,73 over the past day.

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