CEO Ripple brad Garlinghouse shared interesting information about the industry of the blockchain during the festival financial technologies in Singapore. In his speech, Deputy General counsel of the world monetary Fund Ross Leckow Garlinghouse talked about the possibilities of the technology of the blockchain, and the future of digital assets for financial institutions in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). A recent interview was presented in the official article on the website of Ripple, which was also published in the official Twitter account of the company.

And Arlinghaus, and Lecco believe that the new technology may soon change the world of global payments. Arlinghaus, in turn, told about the problems of the region and the possibilities of the blockchain on the ASEAN market. He said that ASEAN has already prepared a regulatory environment for bocana and digital assets. In particular it is noticeable in countries such as Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. This is a clear regulatory environment facilitates the application of the technology of blockchain and digital assets to solve real business problems such as improving cross-border payments in the region.

Commenting on the key challenges, he mentioned that banks here tend to reduce their traditional correspondent relations. This creates more problems for payments in ASEAN. Arlinghaus also spoke about the problems of modern cross-border payments.

Among the main problems of modern cross-border payments, have such as the waiting time of the transfer, the price and the lack of transparency in each transaction. These problems are most clearly visible in the ASEAN region, in particular because the region has no correspondent banking network, said Arlinghaus.

In addition, Arlinghaus also shared his personal opinion on how the blockchain will affect the global financial sector and society. He said that one of the main things that will help to achieve the blockchain is the Internet values. The Internet, in which money can be converted in the same way as information today.

We need to completely change the nature of how payments are made worldwide. We must resolve their problems themselves and to make payments instant and more reliable, – said in conclusion Arlinghaus.

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