During the last session of the Ripple “Ask me Anything” CEO brad Garlinghouse answered several questions concerning companies XRP. Among them was the question of the amount of expansion xRapid and what to expect from the product in the future. In answering this question, Arlinghaus shared information about contracts that are signed Ripple with multiple players who will use xRapid.

He began with statements on the recent three production contracts for customers who already use xRapid. One of these customers is the Catalyst aggregator of the 1,400 credit unions. About two months ago there was news about corporate Federal credit Union Catalyst, which studied technology Ripple.

– We start to work with Ripple! See how blockchain technology can provide credit unions a more rapid cross-border payments at a much lower cost, said Catalyst in Twitter account.

In this regard, Arlinghaus shared information that with xRapid banks can obtain liquidity in Mexican pesos.

Speaking about what he says about the success xRapid, head Ripple shared that the company has publicly announced the beginning of work xRapid in four different exchanges of digital assets. These exchanges are Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coins.ph and Bitso.

Arlinghaus also reminded the community that Ripple and XRP are just beginning to develop. He added that making significant changes in how banking and financial institutions manage their liquidity, could lead to a marathon of such implementations. In addition, according to Garlinghouse, in this marathon Ripple is already far ahead of their competitors.

At the same time, he acknowledged that both the company and sector have a long way to development. He also said that stock exchanges are a great way to see the activity increase, making xRapid.

– We will continue to cooperate with other exchanges, and I hope that some of them announce it publicly, said Arlinghaus.

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