SEO Ripple believes that the industry of decentralization should not be divorced from the legal sphere. In an interview with CNBC, he said: “it is imperative For us to work with regulatory authorities, we must work with the system. Blockchain revolution is rooted in this system, it cannot continue outside the system”. Opinion Garlinghouse may give a new turn to the current debate on the regulation of virtual currencies in the United States. Already it affects and its impact on the cryptocurrency market. The Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) has repeatedly sent “cryptomenysis” subpoenas for several weeks. After the statement of the SEC that the exchanges of digital assets you will need to check the bitcoin price fell on Wednesday below 10 000 USD. Arlinghaus noted that the bitcoin community the most radically disposed towards cooperation with social institutions: “Some members of this group insisted that the banks no longer needed; moreover, no longer need government. We largely hold the opposite point of view.”

As you know, an interview with brad appeared after hitting performances in the live broadcast of CNBC, which resulted in the investor community were expecting the news about adding XRP on CoinBase. But the dialogue did not take place due to time constraints of the live broadcast, and the President CoinBase Asif, Hirji stated that the addition will not take place.Garlinghouse in an interview commented: “Ripple will develop regardless of the desires of the individual partners to work with us. We are glad when the business sees the Ripple benefits for your development and is open for mutual projects. In this way, we have made cooperation with more than 100 financial institutions. But we’re big enough not to persuade our partners to work together: only on a reciprocal basis. We do not need those who do not want to work with Ripple”.

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