CEO Ripple brad Garlinghouse during the world economic forum spoke about the blockchain and what will happen to the technology in 2019. He also responded to some rumors revolving around Ripple and XRP. In addition, Arlinghaus shared his forecast for the year 2019 and expressed his opinion that banks will play an important role in it.

In addition, the General Director has told about how the gaming industry is based on the blockchain, which is not appreciated and that it is waiting for recognition in 2019.

Brad Garlinghouse stated that 2018 was “something of a hangover” for most players in the cryptocurrency and blockchains industry because of the huge changes in the market.

To confirm their point of view, Recalling how Bitmain has changed, when they had to lay off several employees, and how regulators have played a major role in protecting the market from fraud.

– This will be a holistic project that will have many real use cases will be able to solve these problems, it is completely open to all. I think that soon the US regulatory authorities in more detail about his vision for these technologies, said Arlinghaus.

Arlinghaus also added that the US is lagging behind with regards to regulation compared to other global regulatory authorities and expressed the hope that in 2019, the U.S. authorities will provide clarification regarding cryptocurrencies and their technologies.

And I also think that this year many traditional banks will begin to consider the storage of cryptocurrency, added Arlinghaus.

Zynga founder Eric Shermeyer asked the group the question of what will happen in 2019, with games based on the blockchain and whether the technology is massively implemented in the gaming industry.

– I think this is one area where the use of the blockchain is underdeveloped… this is incredibly interesting considering how conventional the blockchain will be effective. I think the XRP Ledger can play an important role, and I think it will be interesting to watch the development of this in 2019, said Arlinghaus.

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