In a recent interview with Fortune CEO brad Ripple Arlinghaus said Ripple is at the stage of wider dissemination of their technology, as more and more banks decide to use the company’s products.

This year, I think, more institutions will use our technology. A few months ago the media was news that no one is going to use XRP, some of which were overly skeptical. Today, you can say that it is not, as people begin to use xRapid because it’s better, faster and cheaper than traditional solutions, said Arlinghaus.

A total of 5 new partners joined the network RippleNet. It is expected that one of them, Euro Exim Bank, will begin to use the network the XRP for international transactions in the first quarter of 2019. The Bank hopes to serve customers in 80 countries, using the technology of Ripple.

Graham bright, head of compliance and operations of the Bank, hopes for the potential of technology.

– There was much talk about how the blockchain technology can help agencies like us. We are interested in moving forward and creating a platform for payments for our clients who are located in more than 80 countries and who want to have convenient method of payment specifically in their country, said bright.

The remaining 4 companies that will use XRP, it’s the London foreign firm, JNFX, global company for the transfer of funds from new York SendFriend Vienna company for mobile payments Transpaygo, and Financial Transaction Control Systems, located in Stockholm, the company dedicated to creating the financial infrastructure.

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