To the extent that, how is 2018, interest around cryptocurrencies keeps growing. Most altcoins are trying to maintain the level of resistance. Five of the largest cryptocurrencies are slowly crawling to their very high prices. However, the attempts at regulation by various governments and pessimistic forecasts from financial experts, as a rule, reduce the rate of these cryptocurrencies. Ripple is the only company which gets into financial systems of different countries. Many of the top-class banks and companies to transfer money to use different products Ripple for global money transfers.

Today, CEO brad Ripple Arlinghaus expressed their optimistic thoughts about the future of Ripple and XRP. He attended a technology conference in San Francisco. During a call with media and financial experts, he answered the most important question that often arises in the minds of investors. It is important to mention that most of the audience was troubled by the question whether the Ripple blockchain or cryptocurrency company. Brad Garlinghouse answered this question, saying that Ripple is a payment company. He further explained that Ripple uses blockchain technology to register a different transaction between banks and other financial institutions.

To make the process simple and easy, Ripple recommends the use of its own cryptocurrency XRP. This is due to the fact that XRP simplifies the processing of global payments. Arlinghaus believes in working within the system to create new products to further optimize the process. He also hopes that big banks will use xCurrent and XRP to accelerate cross-border transactions. He also explained the differences between bitcoin and XRP, saying that a global transaction takes 3-4 hours and costs $ 13 if you use bitcoin. On the other hand, Ripple handles transactions for a few seconds and removes the Assembly.

Answering the question, would the big banks and financial institutions at the end of November, his response was optimistic. He said the company needs to convince banks and financial institutions can use crypto currencies to facilitate global payments. It is hoped that this will happen after 2019. He explained that Ripple is trying to create a network of global payment systems. This network will allow companies to easily and cheaply send and receive cross-border payments.

He also explained that Ripple already has established partnerships with more than 600 companies around the world. All these companies use the products Ripple for cross-border remittances. In addition, he said that Ripple will surely retain its position relative to other cryptocurrencies, as it believes that it will benefit in the future. This is because a payment system, not just cryptocurrency. He advised investors not to worry about the future of XRP, because Ripple will be the winner among other coins because of its real value.

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