Today, the crypto currency exchange Binance added to their platform support for new trade pairs with bitcoin Ripple. Now traders can carry out transactions in a pair XRP / USDT. Information about this appeared on the official website of the exchange.

Now users Binance can trade Ripple XRP in three different pairs: BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Note that USDT is scriptactive based on the bitcoin blockchain and using the Omni Protocol Layer. Each coin USDT backed by a dollar in reserve Tether Limited. The project Tether is a crypto-Vietnam a hybrid, his value is always tied to the cost of one of the traditional currencies: the USDT (US dollar), EURT (EUR), also developers are planning to launch JPYT – coin, pegged to the Japanese yen.

Add Ripple now rate shows a positive trend with respect to both the dollar and bitcoin. Price per coin XRP at the time of writing is $ 0,9. The total market capitalization exceeded $ 35,1 billion dollars.

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