42nd United States President bill Clinton will serve as keynote speaker at the conference, Ripple Swell, where world leaders are debating on the policy of payment and technology.

Clinton helped the country enter a period of extreme growth and widespread adoption of the Internet. It also helped to overcome the “digital divide” and introduce new technology into society that are not covered by this technology.

This knowledge, perhaps now more relevant than ever before. Like the Internet boom of the 90 years, digital assets and technology of the blockchain offer the opportunity to share funds as quickly as information, can create many opportunities. However, this new technology is potentially dangerous, as it requires sound policies to protect consumers from the risk that at the same time will not interfere with innovation.

Director and Advisor to the National economic Council under presidents Clinton and Obama gene Sperling will select questions for President Clinton during a keynote speech.

This year’s conference, the Swell will also discuss the regulatory framework for digital assets in Europe, Asia and the middle East, as the company’s financial services use the technology of the blockchain, and what opportunities it gives in e-Commerce.

Swell 2018 conference held in San Francisco, California, on 1 and 2 October. Additional information can be found on the event website www.swell.ripple.com.

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