On the eve it became known about five new agreements Ripple, which will allow the project to strengthen its position in the markets of China, India and Brazil. However, despite the growing number of partnerships, technology xRapid not yet gaining popularity.

– Banks are lagging behind in technology, but the Ripple gives the ability to execute transactions with low cost and with lower transaction costs, – said the partner of strategic Alliance Axis Bank Saket Hannah.

Recall before it became known that Itau Unibanco, the largest by market value Bank of Latin America, and the Indian IndusInd Bank has entered into a partnership with Ripple and RippleNet will use the blockchain to speed up cross-border payments. In addition to these development use the Ripple joined by three of the payment system.

However, as noted expert on the blockchain Tony’s farm, the above offices are for some reason not yet adopt the technology xRapid.

Additionally, the technology of calculations RippleNet now includes more than 100 clients from all over the world. More popular than xRapid, uses the service xCurrent. Two more vendor payments, signed an agreement with Ripple will use the third product of the company, xVia.

Note, the rate of Ripple today, February 22, for the first time since 10 February, fell below $1 despite the positive news background. Analysts attributed the depreciation of the revival of the processes of regulation of the stock market in many countries and not give up the positive long-term forecasts.

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